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  • Analysis of sealing test method

    The life of a lot of items are needed to test the sealing performance is good not to disclose, commonly used in the industry Positive pressure sealing device The sealing performance of MFY-06 with negative pressure sealing instrument MFY-05 to detect the goods required.

    ?4 2019-01-19
  • How to test Medical Tape Holding Power

    Medical tape is one of the commonly used medical instruments in hospitals and medical institutions. Patient medical devices are used to fix by medical adhesive tape because its good

    ?1 2018-03-19
  • Difference between 90 and 180 degree Peeling Test

    Some customer ask about the difference between 90 - degree and 180 - degree
    peeling test. The two tests could be finished by one test machine DLS-07 Peel

    ?4 2018-03-14
  • How to test Water Absorption Rate?

    In accordance with standard GB/T8939 requirements, sanitary napkins (diapers) how to detect water absorbency? Detection of the traditional method is to test the water absorbency of sampling

    ?2 2017-09-07
  • How to detect strength of moon cake package

    Moon cake is an indispensable gift for the Mid Autumn Festival. The outer packing boxes of moon cakes are multifarious and extremely high quality. Half of the inner packing of moon cakes is

    ?2 2017-09-01
  • Surface fastness of flexible packages

    The surface of the printing process mostly adopts the flexible packaging of food, especially the black and white film packaging of soy sauce, vinegar, milk, yogurt and other liquid food, in

    ?2 2017-08-28