How to test Medical Tape Holding Power

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Medical tape is one of the commonly used medical instruments in hospitals and medical institutions. Patient medical devices are used to fix by medical adhesive tape because its good permeability, easy volume, convenient operation . It is suitable for operation room, surgery room, Department of Stomatology etc.. Sometimes medical tape adhesive stick on the patient's skin for a long time, so the tape holding power is an important indicator of medical adhesive tape. Holding power tester CNY-2 manufactured by Jinan Sumspring Experiment Instrument Co. Ltd, based on YY/T0148, GB4851. The CNY-2 holding power tester is designed to test the persistent adhesive force performance of adhesive products. The CNY-2 holding power tester is suitable for the testing of persistent adhesive force of all kinds of adhesive products. How to use the tester ? Editor will give you an brief introduction:

Medical Tape Holding Power tester

Medical Tape Holding Power tester

Test preparation:

First, clean the test board, hands or other objects shall not contact the working surface of the board.

Two, sampling: remove the 3~6 outer layer a of adhesive tape, and unroll the sample volume at the rate of 500mm/s ~ 750mm/s, and also strip the sample sample at the same rate. At about every 200mm, a specimen with a width of about 12.5mm and about 150 mm length was cut in the middle of the adhesive tape. The number of samples in each group is not less than three. In the 5min after the deconvolution, the sample is pasted on the test board, and then the test is started in 1min.

Three, sample preparation: sample placed in the center position of the plate , without applying pressure, own weight of pressure roller the adhesive tape sample uniform rolling paste in a (12 + 0.5) * mm (12 + 0.5) area within the range of mm, the adhesive part of the sample free area in the bare can cover up.

The sample is rolled back and forth in the length direction from the pasted test area. At least 3 samples were prepared. Each sample is prepared separately and then tested in 1min.

Automatic timing, end reminder functions to further improve the testing precision and convenience

Test steps:

First, the whole test sample is placed on the test frame to make the free end of the specimen perpendicular to ensure that there is no stripping force on the specimen.

Two, Hang the weight on the triangle hook, and start the test according to the "zero" key.

Three. Record the time that the sample is completely separated from the test plate.

Test results:

The result of each sample is converted into its common logarithm or natural logarithm. The arithmetic mean of all the logarithms is obtained, then the appropriate inverse logarithm is obtained, and the time is obtained.

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