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Original Title: Unveiling of Packaging Joint Laboratory to Create a New Benchmark for Industry-University-Research Cooperation

November 15, 2018 morning, Ji'nan bob综合是什么 Instrument Co. Ltd. and Qilu University of science and Engineering College of light industry packaging testing joint laboratory opening ceremony in Qilu University (Shandong Provincial Academy of Sciences Institute of light industry) held. Packaging joint lab will use the investment to play an active role in the teaching practice, enhance the independent innovation ability of enterprises etc.. Qilu University of light industry science and engineering college secretary of the Party committee secretary Liu Shuming, Dean Zhu Fuqiang, Dean of Qilu university to serve the local economic office (alumni office) director Tang Qinglei and other leaders and Ji'nan bob综合是什么 instrument limited company responsible person to attend the opening ceremony.

Packaging joint laboratory opening to create a new benchmark for research cooperation

Ji'nan bob综合是什么 Instrument Co. Ltd and Qilu University of science and Engineering College of light industry to establish a "packaging laboratory, joined forces to create a new benchmark for the industry to achieve mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation. The cooperation is to enhance the technological innovation capability of enterprises, is the need to improve the core competitiveness of the industry. At the same time, the college can help in quality inspection institutions, many Sanquan stone enterprises and scientific research units such as market demand, according to the requirements of stone enterprises in Sanquan customers proposed techniques for the establishment of new research core, research and development of new technology. The complementary advantages of cooperation as an opportunity to deepen the research integration, give full play to regional talent and technology resources, strengthen scientific research, personnel training, academic exchanges and cooperation and other aspects of the teaching practice. The establishment of "production, learning and research," a combination of the whole chain, collaborative innovation, and common progress.

Qilu University of light industry science and engineering college has a strong scientific research platform and faculty, and has a number of enterprises to establish cooperative relations, has a good foundation and rich experience in research cooperation. Universities and scientific research institutions is the source of technology, enterprise as production and sales base, combined with the scientific research, technology development, production and sales service are closely linked, the results for technology innovation more. Ji'nan bob综合是什么 Instrument Co. Ltd. is the industry leading enterprises, always adhere to the road of cooperation, have their own core technology products and broad market. The two sides to strengthen cooperation and jointly create a new benchmark for the research "cooperation, will greatly promote the packaging testing instrument industry personnel training, technological innovation and industrial development, provide new impetus for industrial upgrading and development of packaging equipment.

Sumspring high-tech as a focus of testing instruments in the laboratory of innovation enterprises, technical strength that can decide the survival of enterprises. Joint packaging laboratory as a effective carrier to promote the cooperation of research level, the company will gather high-level personnel training, enhance the independent innovation capability and core competitiveness, leading core technology to overcome problems, forming a major innovation to achieve technological breakthroughs with international or domestic leading level!
Laboratory Testing Instruments,Packaging Joint Laboratory,Laboratory Analytical Testing Instruments On the morning of November 15, 2018, the unveiling ceremony of Jinan Sanquan Zhongshi Experimental Instrument Co., Ltd. and the Joint Laboratory of Packaging Inspection, School of Light Engineering and Engineering, Qilu University of Technology was held at the Light Engineering College of Qilu University of Technology (Shandong Academy of Sciences)

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