Akzo Nobel purchase friction and peel tester

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Akzo Nobel is a Top 500 Global corporations,is a world leader in large-scale industrial companies, one of the world's largest decorative paint company with operations throughout Europe and around the world. Their products involved in industrial coatings, powder coatings, marine and protective coatings, packaging paints, pulp and paper chemicals, basic chemicals and polymer chemicals, widely manufacture and supply all types of grease, coatings and specialty chemicals, owns, including Dulux, to Granville paint, Dulux professional, when the United States Korea and many other World-renowned architectural paint brands.

Akzo Nobel purchase friction and peel tester

Akzo Nobel Coatings Company is well known by focusing on product quality and new product development. The company has invested huge amounts money each year in research and development of new products. Paint surface slip (dynamic friction coefficient) is one of the important test project paint. For testing coefficient of friction coatings of many types of paint , Akzo Nobel choose Sumspring as the finally cooperator of FPT-03Friction and Peel Testerafter careful investigation and a large number of experiments. FPT-03 coefficient of friction and peel tester was used along with a variety of test slide quality, test speed, sample thickness, which can be applied to a variety of thin film materials, paints, rubber, paper, glass and other various countries and international standards static friction coefficient measurements. FPT-03 friction coefficient and peel tester is the preferred test of high-performance surface slip and peel strength.

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