Beijing Union Pharmaceutical Factory Cooperation

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Beijing Union Pharmaceutical Factory was founded in 1958; and is a state-owned enterprise affiliated to Institute of Material Medica Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences; integrates production, R & D and marketing; currently has more than 300 employees; is rated as Beijing & Zhongguancun high-tech enterprise, and Beijing tax credit Grade A enterprise; and is included in central state-owned capital operating budget from 2012.

Quality is the life of a company, whether it is the quality of the product or the packaging quality are closely related to the whole enterprise. In this regard, Beijing Union Pharmaceutical Factory purchase specialized testing equipment Tear Tensile Tester from my company to detect drug packaging pharmaceutical package.

Tear and tensile tester

China Food and Drug Administration issued "Direct contact with drug packaging materials and containers standard compilation" clearly states that test methods on direct contact with drug packaging materials and containers and related indicators introduction. Such as ampoules (breaking force, internal stress and runout, etc.) and injection bottles (stopper puncture combined cover opening force, vertical deviation and internal stress, etc.) of physical testing. Pharmaceutical packaging tear tensile tester produced by Jinan Sumspring experiment Instrument Co.,Ltd. gather a number of test items together , for example tension and compression testing, peel strength, fracture strength, puncture and combination stopper lid opening force to meet customer detection demand.

Beijing Union Pharmaceutical Factory achieve ampoules broken force, a number of combinations to detect stopper puncture force and cover the opening force bypackaging tear tensile testerto ensure product quality comply with national standards, enhance safety, convenience of health care. Here we also expect, Beijing Union Pharmaceutical Factory occupies bigger home and abroad market , the pharmaceutical industry continues to known in the world as "Create in China" .

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