Corrugated boxes edge crush tester for Watsons

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Watsons Water is the beverage industry well-known brands, is Asia's first awarded NSF International (United Nations World Health Organization's drinking water safety standards adviser) commended the bottled water company, the high quality of the self-evident. Guangzhou Watson's Food and Beverage Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch is a subsidiary of Hong Kong's Hutchison Whampoa Group, Watson Industrial Company invested in June 1993 to build, in the drinking water production, sales agents and international brands packaged beverage sales specialist. All along, Watson attaches great importance to food and beverage packaging materials quality control, packaging materials for quality control of a lot of manpower and material resources.

Corrugated boxes edge crush tester for Watsons

In the rapid economic development of the market environment, business competition is severe increasingly. In addition to the quality of the product itself, the quality of packaging also affects the overall quality of the product. Guangzhou Watsons Food & Beverage Co. Beijing Branch beverage regulations based on national standards "GB / T6544-2008 corrugated board" and "GB / T2679 [1] .8-1995 paper and cardboard ring crush strength test". They purchase corrugated boxes edge crush tester, boundary pressure and adhesive sampler (with side compression guide blocks), central pressure sampler, loop pressure center plate, peel adhesion stents and other related testing instruments from Sumspring in April 2013. These instruments are mainly used for paper and paperboard compression strength, measured strength and other physical properties of the adhesive peel. Sumspring Senior staff complete the technical training of these devices in June 2013 , and received high praise from customer for these devices and our full-service work.

Sumspring Experiment Instrument Co. Ltd is looking forward to cooperation with other branches of Watson, and wish Watson goes far away in drinks industry.

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