Sumspring supply tensile tester for NICE

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Established in December 2009 as a R&D institute affiliated to Shenhua Group, National Institute of Clean and Low-Carbon Energy (hereinafter referred to as NICE) is also a state-level innovation base for high-level talents recruited from overseas. With the continuous attention and support from the leaders of the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee, of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council and of the Beijing Municipal Government, as well as of the Shenhua Group and all its subsidiaries, NICE has, from scratch, gradually become an emerging power in clean energy arena.

Focusing on the strategic goal of making Shenhua Group an internationally renowned clean energy supplier and solution provider, NICE is dedicated to the development of low carbon and clean energy technologies. NICE has been working on innovative technologies to support the core businesses of Shenhua Group and carrying out R&D to branch out new growth drivers for Shenhua while developing world-class technologies of global impact and competitiveness.

Up till now, NICE has accumulated a well-structured talent pool comprising nearly 20 “Thousand Talents Program” experts in various research fields, more than 300 energizing Ph.D and master’s degree holders and other outstanding talents. We have carried out R&D and innovation in the field of green coal, function materials, new energy and environmental protection, with many accomplishments delivered on many projects.

National Institute of Clean and Low-Carbon Energy purchase electronictensile testing machineXLW(PC) from Sumspring to test battery diaphragm tension puncture force. Instrument with long stroke 1000mm (1 meters),film tensile testeris applicable to a variety of large deformation of the material tensile strength, etc.. The ultra advanced test accuracy of this electronic tensile testing machine meets the National Institute of Clean and Low-Carbon Energy requirements .

Excellence, the pursuit of excellence. Sumspring will continue to endeavour endless, the moment of forging testing instruments in China .

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