Plastic packaging is “Hero” for the food system

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With the development and deepening of the plastic industry, plastic packaging has become an integral part of the food, and become an important member of the food system. If you remove the plastic packaging, food will be difficult to retain, consumers are unpalatable to the thousands of miles delicacy.

We can see all kinds of plastic packaging form , several as followed:

Bag of potato chips

Its main component is a plastic called "directed polypropylene". In the packaging of potato chips, moisture is very critical, in order to further strengthen, many bags of potato chips are still in the inner layer of a thin layer of aluminum. The product name and nutrition information are printed on the outer layer, and a layer of polyethylene is sandwiched between the two layers of the inner and the outer layer. Before the sealing of the packaging bag, the majority of companies will inject nitrogen, so that can prevent potato chips crushed.

Plastic package tester

Salad packing bag

Same as bag of chips, the instant Vegetable Salad packing bag is made of polypropylene production and is also injected nitrogen into the bag .The little difference from chip is a salad leaves need to breathe oxygen, which is why the bag with a small hole in the salad. A small hole allows oxygen to enter, and carbon dioxide can be discharged. The inside of these bags often has a thin layer of anti fog layer, so that it will not happen condensation, but also allows consumers to see the beautiful green leaves.

Ice cream bucket

In making a lot of plastic packaging, manufacturers are not only about how to isolate the air, but also how to save water. This is very important in the packaging of ice cream. A bucket of ice cream must be able to easily opening and closing, but it must also have a tight seal, water locking, so as to maintain a smooth mouthfeel.

Plastic water bottle

Trace amounts of air can penetrate the plastic, and when the temperature rises, the movement of the air will be accelerated. Heat will also accelerate the chemical reaction. When the bottle of chemical substances react with each other, or with the material in the external environment react, bottle of water will drink a smell.

Even after a variety of research and development, the majority of plastic packaging is still not save food in the extreme environment. Food companies must ensure that they will not change the taste of food in the use of plastic containers. Therefore, the physical properties of the packaging has become an important indicator of detection. Jinan Sumspring Experiment Instrument Co., Ltd. is a well-known packaging testing equipment manufacturer. We could provide various food packaging physical performance testing instrument to strengthen the quality of food packaging.

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