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T V Rhine Germany is an international leading technology service provider. Since its establishment in Cologne in 1872, the group has more than 500 employees in 69 countries and regions, with more than 19320 employees, with a total annual revenue of 1 billion 700 million euros. T ü V Rheinland is international well-known third-party international testing company, its business scope covers food, health supplies, medical industry, photovoltaic industry, vehicles and other industries in the multiple testing and certification services. Domestic enterprises are aware that access to the certification and Accreditation of Rhine technology, it is equivalent to open the door to the European and American markets. Visible in Europe and the United States government and the influence of the business community.

Sanitary articles detecting instrument

TUV Rhine Technology

T ü V Rheinland Greater China region in China Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guangzhou and other more than 20 city set up branch offices, the of the detecting instrument of choose and buy is extremely strict, the selection of equipment are with the international advanced level. Sumspring as a domestic leading hygiene detecting instrument manufacturer, at home and abroad with a large number of high-end users. After repeated comparison, stone sanitary instruments Sumspring get the t ü V Rheinland China approved, become the prime supplier in China.

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