Sumspring cooperate wit Haier Group again

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Jinan Sumspring Experimental Insturment Co., Ltd established in 2007 make great effort to win the support of many enterprises and institutions. Jinan Sumspring Experiment Instrument Co.,Ltd had established steady cooperation relationships with Haier Group(Wuhan Branch, Qingdao Branch and signed instrument purchase contract with following instruments : NPD-3000 Bursting tester, YSD-03 Auto compression strength tester, boundary pressure sampler, peel adhesion bracket etc.. in October20, 2012.This is the second time of Sumspring cooperation with Haier since 2011! The Secretary to the high-quality equipment, attentive service, and improve the service, to get everyone's trust and support .

    Which bursting tester specimen clamping principle is the plastic film between two chuck, chuck tightly clamped down around the sample, the sample together with film projections freedom, when hydraulic fluid pumped at a steady rate, so that the projection film until the sample is broken, the maximum pressure applied is the sample burst strength.
In the future development, Sumspring with great trust from our customers will continue to provide more high quality testing equipment for universities, enterprises, quality supervision etc..

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