Blister package vacuum leak tester MFY-05

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Blister package vacuum leak tester MFY-05 is a professional laboratory testing instrument, which is used to detect the leakage of food, medicine and soft package. With the help of the instrument, the food and drug manufacturers can detect whether the sealing performance of the packaging can meet the relevant standards or internal requirements, and further improve the overall quality of the product.

Blister package vacuum leak tester

Blister package vacuum leak tester MFY-05

Blister packaging is one of the commonly used forms. Thin film makes it easy to use, the paper foil of the film can make the child away. Also it can prevent the inside of the color tablets from light and fade. Packing damage in the blister industry is usually caused by the manufacture process. The thin film of the bubble cap is vulnerable to the impact of tiny holes rapidly expanding into more than 50 micron holes. The cracks in the frozen blister pack may come from the production stage. In any process may come into contact with the surface of the packaging material surface are likely to be brought up to scratch and cut pieces of blister packaging.

Blister packaging vacuum leak tester MFY-05 is manufactured by Jinan Sumspring Experiment Instrument Co.,ltd with high precision components, new automatic compensation, automatic unloading, automatic test instrument for end function and greatly shorten the operation process, making the test more convenient.

Consider the new drug delivery systems today, blister package are usually extremely sensitive to moisture. In the normal room temperature and humidity environment, if the packaging has leaked, the drug will become invalid in a few minutes during transport. Therefore, the seal of blister packaging is the key concern. Blister packing vacuum leak tester could test a variety range of blister packages including infusion bottles, infusion bags, resistant bottles, medicinal plastic bottles, oral liquid bottles and other packages.

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