New packing form-Bag in box

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Box bag - a new type of convenient packaging, by the high barrier flexible inner bag, functional valve and carton combination of a combination of a new type of liquid packaging. Sterile disinfection, bags and taps, cartons with the use of capacity has now developed to 220L to 1L, the valve is mainly butterfly valve.

Puncture force tester

Puncture force tester CCY-02

Currently in the global food and beverage industry in the use of the basic can be divided into the following two categories: 18L ~ 25L as the intermediate storage and storage of medium and small boxes in the bag and 15L ~ 2L as the terminal consumption of small boxes in the bag. Medium sized box bag is composed of a strong anti puncture force and pressure resistant composite film inner bag and high strength corrugated box combination. In the liquid material filled with 20kg~30kg, can adapt to long distribution and circulation to ensure stable and do not break. At present, the main medium bag in box is widely used for beverage mixing concentrated in the main agent packing machine; and concentrated stock, some chain catering industry, edible oil, salad sauce, jam, juice, butter and other packaging thousand.
The related standard, "the QB/T (BOPA) / low density polyethylene (PE-LD) composite membrane box bag (4635-2014)" has been officially implemented in October 1, 2014. The gas barrier performance and sealing performance of the inner bag are the key indexes that should be paid attention to. Gas barrier performance is an important factor that affects the quality of products during the shelf life, and is also an important reference for the analysis of shelf life. Through this test can ensure the integrity of the whole product packaging and sealing, prevent the product seal performance is not good, and lead to leakage, pollution, deterioration and so on.
The new packaging will be sought after by the market because of its advantages, however, manufacturers to ensure the quality of products (through self-examination or submission to quality control of products), in order to form a long-term business chain.

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