Child supplies packaging safety attention

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The packaging of children's products is a bright, lovely shape that seems to have become the default rules for the industry. Usually with bright colors or by children welcome fruit, cartoon characters and other characters to do the packaging, the smell will also try to use candy or fruit flavor, the main consideration to the child with love, for more security is placed on the parents to do supervision in the process of using.

Children's products packaging

Children in the use of related products due to packaging safety problems occur frequently. For example, when the thickness of the soft toy packaging plastic bags or plastic film is not up to the standard, children in the process of playing is easy because the film is too thin and is sleeved on the head or suck on the face, nose, causing suffocation. Causes of packaging film is too thin, on the one hand may be necessary to buy the toy manufacturers lack of inspection means of packaging, packaging can not control the quality; on the other hand it may be of potential damage packaging producers do not know the place, ignoring the subjective quality assurance work in this area.
The current state of the safety of children's products packaging is no clear documents or regulations, more manufacturers to consider is how to make the products to increase sales at the same time, talent shows itself, but in terms of safety, remains to be the national regulatory authorities to make a unified specification. I hope not Zhanxiaopianyi suffer parents buy children's products, should be as clear as noonday advertisement, must take the child's safety in the first place, and establish a rational and scientific concept of consumption safety and life first, health first.
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