Tablets and pills unified packaging

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Packaging variety is the current status of the pharmaceutical market, similar products using plastic bottles, plastic bags, glass bottles, aluminum foil packaging, blister packaging and other different types of packaging. For easy tidal drugs, plastic bags or plastic bags are not suitable for packaging. The barrier properties of packaging materials will lead to poor absorption of moisture or mildew drugs, drug can not only cause the waste of resources, because there may be pharmaceutical personnel careless delay condition the use of expired drugs.

Drug packaging

Aluminum foil packaging and glass packaging drug quality is more reliable, inadequate is the glass bottle packaging transportation is not convenient. Most of the tablets and pills for drug synthesis, easy to damp after failure, some Chinese medicine is easy to mildew. Plastic bottles and plastic bags have the advantage of convenient transportation, but poor bearing capacity, easy deformation or rupture, the protection of drugs can not achieve good results. The same variety, uniform specifications of drugs, should have a unified packaging, uniform dosage form, the best by the relevant state departments to develop uniform norms.

Drug production units to deal with drug packaging given some attention, not too covet economic profits, the improvement of technology should listen to the views of the unit medication and pharmacy staff. The hospital should strictly grasp into the drug channel in the purchase process, timely find quality problems, feedback to pharmaceutical production unit.

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