Safe cover torque meter upgraded

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Child safety cap is widely used in life, is a kind of safety cap preventing children from opening, whether the inner or outer cover, the bottle cover is safe, easy to use, easy to wear etc..
Use child safety cap, to prevent children from eating drugs, so the need to use the downward force pressed to rotate left, unscrew the cap. Unscrew the appropriate torque force required, before the Sumspring launch bob综合是什么 automatic XGY-02 automatic capping force measuring instrument, the maximum to avoid human error, more accurate measurement of the torque.

torque meter
Automatic capping force measuring instrument XGY-02

Automatic capping dynamometer XGY-02 is suitable for the detection of medicinal glass bottles, plastic bottles of medicinal, child safety cover, beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, bottles, cans and other packaging products, open the cap locking and tightening torque values, XGY-02 is a patented product, instead of the previous hand rotating bottle opened or error the locking cap brings, is a kind of automatic bottle cap torque meter. Is the research institutions, quality inspection institutions, large and medium enterprises preferred.
Sanquan stone technology in the continuous improvement of function, the successful upgrade, make the operator more convenient to use the instrument, good-looking appearance, simple and practical, accurate and reliable data.

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