Sumspring ten anniversary

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10 anniversary - congratulations to Jinan Sumspring Experiment Instrument Co. Ltd

Jinan Sumspring Instrument Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007, has gone through ten years.

Ten years, Sumspring with their own hard work and sweat out of a period of arduous pioneering history. Ten years, contains every Sumspringer tireless efforts and the pursuit. Stand on the node of 10 anniversary, from The first precision packaging materials testing instruments R & D and production, to the first time sell to the international market, every little wisdom and sweat in the infinite Sumspringer.

Ten years, carrying our glorious course:

2007 - the company founded Sumspring, located in packaging materials testing equipment development and production.

2009 - enter pharmaceutical industry, launched a series of integrated packaging testing instruments, into the pharmaceutical industry.

2010 - the first time export testing equipment to the United Kingdom, products into the international market.

2012 - a partnership with a number of brand quality inspection institutions, establish a good reputation Sumspring bob综合是什么 .

2014 - IP access to a number of technology patents, with independent intellectual property rights, the relocation of the new site.

2015 - the first ISP software copyright online upgrade system for software copyright certificate.

2016 - ISO9000 quality system certification, a substantial increase in product quality and management level.

Sumspring with their strong technical strength, high-quality customer service, won the recognition and trust of domestic and global more than 3000 users. When the footsteps of the four seasons silent roll over, go far, just a rush of time, interpretation, but it is an extraordinary wonderful! Ji'nan Sumspring Experiment Instrument Co. Ltd. has become the domestic senior packaging materials testing equipment manufacturer, our vision is to provide accurate detection instrument for every user, provide overall technical and professional solutions for every user, the builders of the heart and the development of domestic and overseas market.

10 years of sweat and accumulation of nutrients and the cornerstone of 10 years into the future, in a more beautiful manner, dance with you, to be your best partner.

Sumspring, thank you for your staying......

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