Packaging testing instruments can not be ignored

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Food packaging machinery research and development is moving toward high speed, multi-functional and intelligent control direction. With the rapid development of market economy and the improvement of people's living standard, the requirements to the packing of the products is more and more high, this is urgent request packing to realize mechanization and automation. The rapid development of downstream industries and residents in the pursuit of quality of life need to require companies into the corresponding food packaging machinery to meet production needs.

Because of the particularity of the food industry, food machinery products to ensure that the contact surfaces clean and durable, also to ensure the convenience and safety in use. But whether products meet the requirements of relevant standards is another important issue to consider.

Package tester

Packaging test, one of the significance of comprehensive will eventually reduce enterprise logistics cost: test the packaging material performance, decrease the cost of materials ; Test the packaging reliability, lower breakage, reduce the economic loss, decrease the cost of after-sales maintenance; Reduce redundant packaging materials, promoting rationalization packaging materials, packaging material cost; Promoting rationalization packaging and shipping plan, reduce logistics comprehensive cost.
Another significance of packaging test is to avoid decline of enterprise brand value, real damage to the product, lead to the enterprise brand value damage; Damage of packaging materials, product damage to the enterprise brand value caused by person feel.

Packaging testing instrumentsis for measure packaging material technical indicators.After years usage, data is not stable, related industry standard requires calibration cases, we need to check the calibration of equipment. According to different equipment, calibration method and calibration institutions choice is different. Enterprise can choose measuring equipment according to the actual circumstances of the testing instrument manufacturer or metrology institute for calibration.

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