GB8939-1999 Water Absorption Ratio

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Water Absorption ratio: A ratio of the mass or volume of a water absorbing to the volume or mass of the absorbent itself
According to the national sanitary napkins (including sanitary pads) product standard GB8939-1999 provides the deviation, water absorption rate, permeability, pH, health indicators, delivery of water and other key performance indicators.
Water absorption rate reflects the absorption capacity of sanitary napkins and sanitary pads,baby diapers etc..
The absorption of sanitary napkins and sanitary pads is mainly done by the fluff pulp, polymer absorbent resin or absorbent paper. The higher the water absorption ratio, the stronger the absorption ability of the product.
Product standards: sanitary towel absorbent rate of not less than 9 times, the sanitary pad absorbent rate of not less than 3.5 times.
The increase of water absorption rate, mainly in the absorption layer of polymer water absorbent resin, but excessive pursuit of high water absorption rate, will increase production costs, but also may cause excess resources, resulting in waste

Water Absorption ratio tester
Automatic testing instrument for water absorption ra tio
According to GBT 8939-2008 of sanitary napkins (including sanitary pads) regulations, test methods: weighing sanitary napkin before smoking weight, sealing end clamps of the sample, and make the clip mouth with longitudinal clamped in a vertical state, should not be built in the absorption layer. The sample with the clip about 10cm deep immersed in distilled water, the sample used up, hold the sample, which is completely submerged 60s, then lift the clip, is completely out of the water sample, vertical hanging 90s, weighing, and then according to the formula: water absorbency (= after absorbing the weight before smoking / weight) the weight of suction. This method is simple, but if used in the production line sampling inspection workload will be very large, the efficiency is very low. To this end, Ji'nan Sumspring Experiment Instrument Co. Ltd developed the automatic testing instrument LLJ-02 absorbency, referring to the relevant standards of sanitary napkins, diapers, pad, non-woven products, professional for absorbency index detection of these materials.
Water absorption ratio testerLLJ-02 with five station automatic test design water absorbency of five samples at the same time, automatic test, high efficiency, save manpower and time cost; water can be set free time, test time, parameters such as speed, wide application range, high degree of freedom, which can be used to detect a variety of sanitary napkins, diapers, pad, non-woven fabric other products; automatic completion of the experimental process, eliminating the need for manual weighing, avoid errors can provide more accurate test data for you; with the data communication function, can connect with the user data and analysis system, convenient data sharing, some technical parameters of the instrument are as follows:

Sensor range: 20N (other range optional)
Station number: 5
Displacement: 0-580mm
Cantilever length: 1000mm
Appearance size: 1600mm*500mm*1700mm
Weight: 70kg

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