Sumspring acquire the CMC license

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Ji'nan Sumspring Experiment Instrument Co.,ltd get the certificate issued by the "People's Republic of China measurement equipment manufacturing license (Certificate number: Shandong for No. 01000450). This is a great honor Sumsping obtained in this field! Sumsping once again proved that the enterprise with the production of measuring instruments, this is the field of packaging detection is one of the few have the ability of equipment manufacturers.
CMC measurement certification mark refers to the product quality inspection agency certificates, certificate according to the defined test items, in the commodity inspection certificate (inspection report) the use of special signs.
The implementation of a licensing system for manufacturing measuring instruments, is essentially a government approved by the administrative departments for measurement of the measurement equipment manufacturing units have measurement equipment manufacturing qualification and ability, is the government of enterprises and institutions of a legal system of supervision and management. It is a kind of special legal restriction management means adopted for measuring instruments.
Ji'nan bob综合是什么 , as the industry leader in the domestic brands, which successfully passed the "grant and recognized CMC certification", is the best of Sumspring bob综合是什么 , but also on the incentive Sumspring bob综合是什么 best, to further promote the Sumspring bob综合是什么 instrument in packaging innovation work again a new step, inject a strong impetus for the rapid development of Sumspring bob综合是什么 , Sumspring bob综合是什么 will redouble their efforts, create brilliant!

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