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Sumspring boosts vaccine development

Sumspring helps novel coronavirus vaccine research and develop

Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus in January 2020, it has seriously threatened the physical and mental health of the Chinese people and the people of the world. In order to novel coronavirus novel coronavirus, a team of scientists, doctors, sponsors and producers began to invest in the development of new coronavirus vaccine.

Beijing Institute of biological products research and development of the new crown inactivated vaccine was approved by the State Food and Drug Administration on April 27, and the phase I / II clinical trial was started simultaneously. The results showed that a total of 640 subjects participated in the phase I / II clinical trial. The results showed that the vaccine could effectively induce the production of neutralizing antibodies without serious adverse reactions. On August 5, the new crown inactivated vaccine production workshop of Beijing Institute of biological products passed the joint inspection on Biosafety organized by relevant departments and was qualified for use. At present, the vaccine has entered stage III clinical stage. Previously, the workshop has obtained a new crown vaccine production license. All these provide novel coronavirus vaccines for mass production.

Sumspring, is a partner of Beijing biological products research institute. It is always concerned about the development of the epidemic and is willing to contribute to the new coronavirus vaccine industry in China. Whether in the novel coronavirus vaccine novel coronavirus vaccine development stage or in the process of its production,SUMSPRING, an injection syringe bottle andprefilled syrings detector provided by the Beijing Institute of biological products, has been used frequently and efficiently, providing a safety guarantee for the production, storage, transportation and later use of the new coronavirus vaccine.

As the backbone of domestic pharmaceutical packaging and testing equipment manufacturers, SUMSPRING has become the mainstream product in the industry, which is widely used in all aspects of drug production industry chain, such as drug packaging material manufacturers, pharmaceutical enterprises, drug inspection institutions, etc. The novel coronavirus vaccine will contribute to the development and popularization of our new coronavirus vaccine, and also the pride of SUMSPRING.

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