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SOSTRA purchased condiment packaging testers

Russia customer-SOSTRA purchased many kinds of condiment packaging testing instruments of SUMSPRING

After comparison with many manufacturers, SOSTRA, a Russian customer, has selected several kinds of inspection instruments for seasoning bottles and outer packing boxes of JiNan Sumspring. It includes Sealing tester, Wall thickness tester, Carton compression tester, Heat sealing tester, Cap torque tester, etc.

The SOSTRA company was founded in 2010, is a well-known brand in Russia, they specialized in the production of kitchen seasoning. SOSTRA company has strict requirements on the quality of food packaging. They know that only when the packaging meets the standard, then there will be no leakage or damage and other damage to the food. As early as March 2010, SOSTRA company had purchased packaging testing instruments such as Sumspring Sealing tester and bottle cap torsion tester. This time, after the construction of the new plant, it purchased a number of bobۺʲô testing instruments again, which is based on the recognition of Sumspring products and the affirmation of service.

SOSTRA mainly purchased condiment glass bottles, convenience test items, sealing performance of bottle packaging, heat sealing performance test of packaging film, compression performance of outer packaging carton and drop test of outer packing box

Jinan Sumspring Experimental Instrument Co., Ltd. has been adhering to the enterprise tenet of "high quality instruments and efficient service solutions", and the business policy of "establishing the SUMSPRING brand of Sumspring and pursuing the perfection and beauty". Provide high quality products and excellent service to global customers. Especially for foreign users, provide remote technical guidance, ISP online upgrade service and other measures to meet the user's requirements for instrument use in the most efficient way. Get the recognition and praise of foreign users!

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