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Constant Temperature Lasting Adhesive Tester


Constant Temperature Lasting Adhesive Tester CNY-HS is professional testing instrument for a variety of heat tape, medical tape, adhesive tape, labels and other products at different temperatures. Adhesive products reflected different tack holding force in different temperatures. CNY-HS can set the thermostat temperature in accordance with the user test retention. Instrument has automatic timing and time keeping function, is widely used in adhesive tape manufacturers, quality inspection institutions, testing institutions and other units.

Constant Temperature Lasting Adhesive Tester

Test principle

The sample test plates affixed vertically hanging in the test stand, the lower weight provided by weights hanging with displacement of the sample after a certain time off the stick, or the sample completely out of time to characterize the adhesive tape to resist the pull off capability.




Adhesive tape

Adhesion test for adhesive tape, label, protective film, etc.

Medical adhesive tape

Detection of adhesive for medical adhesive tape.

Pressure sensitive adhesive

Adhesive holding power tester is used for a long time viscosity test for adhesive and other related products.

Diaper Waist patch

It is used for test holding adhesive force for adhesive tape,Diaper Waist patch,waist tape
Medical patch

It is used for the detection of the medical patch adhesion testing

Technical Feature

★System is controlled by a microcomputer, with touch screen

★In strict accordance with the standard design of the test board and test weights to ensure the accuracy of the test data

★Adhesive holding power tester with six test station design, economical and practical

★Automatic timing, ending reminders and other functions to further ensure the high accuracy of the test results

★P.I.D. Automatic temperature control,High precision temperature control

★Security:EGOOver-temperature shutdown,Safety overload switch

★Internal SUS # 304 stainless steel plates, senior external paint handling, beautiful and durable

★Micro printer print test results fast

★Rights management function to ensure data integrity and normalization.

★ISP online upgrade function, which can provide personalized service.

Main Specifications


Standard roller

2000g50 g


1000(Include loading plate ?00g?00g Optional(/span>

Test boards

125(L)㎜50(B)㎜2(D)mm;?00mm(L?times;50(B)mm2(D)mm Optional(/span>

Temperature range

Indoor +5?-100ℂ/span>

Temperature accuracy

1 ℂ/span>

Timing range

Number of stations 6 Number of stations?0 Optional(/span>



Net weight





Relative Humidity

No more than 80%,no dewdrop

Power Supply



ASTM D3654, ASTM D5868 - 01(2014), ASTM D1002, PSTC 7


Adhesive holding power tester Main Frame, standard roller, breadboard 6 pairs, six weight

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