Service tenet锛欬/strong>"To provide users with" sincere, professional, timely and continuous "quality service, and make every effort to meet the needs of users.

Supply guarantee and installation and commissioning plan

1.Jinan Sumspring Experiment Instrument Co.,ltd. promises that all the equipment provided are new and unused
2.All the equipment are packed in strong new wooden cases / cartons, which are suitable for long-distance transportation. They are moisture-proof, moisture-proof, shockproof, rust proof and rough handling resistant.
3.Transportation: Jinan Sumspring Experiment Instrument Co.,ltd. company chooses the transportation company with good reputation, fast speed and safety to deliver the goods to the user's address in time and safely, and bear the freight and insurance costs. In case of any problem or failure during transportation, the supplier shall bear all losses.
4.If the training equipment needs to be installed on site, the training address and number of trainees are unlimited, subject to the buyer's intention.
5.Site installation plan:
Acceptance plan: according to the technical requirements as the acceptance standard, first check the goods configuration list, then verify the product technical indicators one by one, and then enter the trial operation period.
Trial operation: both parties shall make operation records during the operation period. After trial operation, the product quality, reliability and durability of the goods meet the acceptance conditions, and the user shall organize the final acceptance of the equipment. If the quality does not meet the agreement or there are quality defects during the acceptance of the goods, the supplier shall replace the goods free of charge within 10 days, and bear all the expenses arising therefrom.

After sales service content

1.The warranty period is one year. In case of product quality problems during the warranty period, the supplier shall bear the material cost, maintenance cost and transportation cost of the instrument to and from the factory.
2.If the instrument is damaged in the process of transportation, the supplier shall bear the material cost, maintenance cost and transportation cost of the instrument.
3.Provide technical service for life beyond the warranty period. If maintenance is required, only material fee will be charged; maintenance fee will be free for life.
4.Irregular telephone or door-to-door follow-up and technical guidance on the use of users' products.
5.Respond within 1 hour after accepting the service request, and put forward handling opinions and solutions within 2 hours.
6.In case of on-site maintenance, engineers shall be arranged for on-site maintenance within 2-4 working days.
7.The products returned to the factory for repair shall be handled within 2 working days after receiving, and the user shall be informed of the handling situation.
8.Provide relevant national operation standards and specifications.
9.If there is equipment and software upgrade, it is free to upgrade for users.

After sales call


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