Product name:

Paper cup stiffness tester BTY-10A

Model: BTY-10A
Classification: Paper package tester
Product access times:
  • One key operation
  • Double-headed structure design
  • Built-in automatic tray lifting mechanism

Paper Cup Stiffness Tester BTY-10 A 

        Paper Cup Stiffness Tester BTY-10 A (Dual head) designed for test cup body stiffness for capacity cups, bowls, disposable plastic cups, tea cups and other products. Imported brands sensor enable test results stable and reliable . Users simply placed the sample in the fixture, the cup body stiffness tester will finish the entire testing process automatically. Simple operation can avoid human error. It has become an ideal testing instrument for quality inspection agency, cup plant, food manufacturers and other units.

Paper cup stiffness tester

Paper Cup Stiffness Tester 

 Test principle

    Put sample on the paper cup stiffness tester platform, make the probe vertical access to the sidewalls of the cup, adjust the bench to make the vertical distance of probe on the two-thirds of the cup.





Paper cup

Paper cup stiffness tester used for measure paper cup stiffness for fast food advertising paper cups, paper cups, disposable plastic cup

Measure cup body stiffness for disposable paper bowl, snack bowl bowl
paper tea cup tester
    Paper tea cup       It is used for  measure paper cup stiffness for milk tea cup, drink cup of various sizes

Technical feature

★Microcomputer processing system, PVC control panel, large-screen LCD
★Imported brands sensing system to ensure accurate test data
★Automatic electronic test equipment, easy to use, test a wider range
★One-button operation to avoid human error
★Microcomputer system automatically determine the initial test status
★Paper cup stiffness tester equipped with micro-printer for quick output data
★Double-headed structure design, screw drive mode, the test data is more accurate
★Built-in automatic tray lifting mechanism, a high degree of automation

 Main Specification

Technical parameter

Test range


Cup Caliber




Indication Accuracy


Test Speed



9.5± 0.5mm

Measured Height 


Machine Size


Net Weight


Environment requirements

Environment temperature


Relative humidity

No more than 70% RH

Power supply



     QB/T 2294-1997,JJG157-1995,GB/T 27590


     Paper cup stiffness tester Host, micro-printer

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