Product name:

Disk Stripping Tester BLJ-01

Model: BLJ-01
Classification: plastic package tester
Product access times:
  • Controlled by micro-computer
  • PVC operation panel
  • Automatic alarm reminding

Disk Stripping Tester BLJ-01

       Disk Stripping Tester BLJ-01 is professionally used to test ink fastness of plastic films and glass paper decorating printed materials that utilize the intaglio printing technique.  It could also be used to test adhesion condition of surface layers formed by the techniques of vacuum coating,surface coating and lamination.

Disk Stripping Tester

 Disk Stripping Tester BLJ-01 

 Test principle

       The standard glass adhesive tape should be bonded together with ink printing surface, which is pretreated according to test conditions, by adhesive tape roller under specified load, rolling speed and rolling times. After a certain contacting time, separate them by disk stripping tester at certain pressure and peeling speed. The ink fastness property could be obtained by observing the ink layer peeling conditions.





Vacuum aluminum paper

Disk stripping tester test layer attached state for vacuum aluminum paper

                  Printed products
Test fastness to printing ink layer for printed products
                  Electrode slice
It is used for test stripping force for electrode slice
Plastic color printing stripping force tester
              Plastic color printing
Test printing ink layer fastness for plastic color printing products

Technical feature

Disk stripping tester is controlled by micro-computer, with PVC operation panel, which is convenient for users to operate
Automatic alarm reminding for safe operation when the test is finished

 Main Specification

Technical parameter

Pressure Between the Plate


Stripping Speed

0.8 m/s



Net Weight


Environment requirements

Environment temperature


Relative humidity

No more than 80%,no dewdrop

Power supply



      JIS C2107, JIS C2107,GB/T7707


     Disk stripping tester host, Power Line

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