Jinan Sumspring Experiment Instrument Co.,ltd.has been working on providing overall packaging quality control solutions.Supply service for packaging, printing, adhesive, pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, quality inspection institutions, drug control institutions, scientific research institutions, and other industries. Sumspring has been provide more than 7000 sets of various types of testing equipment to customers around the world and carried out the laboratory testing services, and technical services, to provide customers with more value-added services.

Laboratory Sumspring have professional technical service personnel, equipped with Sumspring advanced instruments and equipment, testing tool attachment and so on. We do not only provide accurate and reliable test data ,but also launched a communication, real learning platform for various colleges and universities, scientific research units, large and medium enterprises.

Sumspring lab supply test service. Testing types can be divided into soft plastic bags testing service, plastic bottle test service, glass bottle testing services, drug packaging materials testing services, adhesive testing services, paper packaging and printing testing services. Users need to understand the following commissioned testing procedure:

1,Commissioned testing business procedure:

Cutomer supply sample

Sample delivery acceptance

Meet test requirements

Fill out the test order and pay

Test sample

Issue test report

2,Sample requirements9/span>

?)Provide the standard and experimental methods with samples. If there are no special requirements, can be agreed to use the national or industrial standards.

?)Films: surface no wrinkles, no scratch, uniform thickness ; plastic containers: no indentation, unused, no damage, uniform sample size; glass products: No damaged, defective, no distortion, no pollution; paper and Paperboard: anhydrous grease stains, no wrinkles, no damage and uniform thickness.

?)Film paper samples should be greater than or equal to the experimental test required size.

?)Special type samples test need to be agreed in advance.

?)Different samples need to be marked number, to be distinguished、/span>

3,Test period Issue a test report within 7 working days from the receipt of customer samples.If customer is in urgent need of the results, please informed in advance.

4,Inspection capability9/span>

No. Test item Application range Sample size
1 Tensile strength Plastic film, composite film, sheet, woven bag, aluminum foil, etc. Width (10~50)mm,Length150mm
2 Deformation rate Plastic film, composite film, sheet, woven bag, aluminum foil, etc. Width (10~50)mm,Length150mm
3 Heat sealing (combined) strength Plastic film, composite film, sheet, woven bag, aluminum foil, etc. Width 15mm,Length150mm
4 Tear strength Plastic film, composite film, sheet, woven bag, aluminum foil, etc.


Pants type:Length 150mm,Width 50mm

5 ?80/90)Peel strength Composite film, adhesive tape, pressure sensitive adhesive, aluminum foil Width (15-25)mm,Length150mm
6 Plastic film Puncture resistance Plastic film, composite film, sheet, artificial leather Diameter >110mm
7 Constant elongation stress Thin film, composite film, etc. Width (10~50)mm,Length150mm
8 Friction coefficient Plastic film, composite film, sheet, coating, paper, etc. Width 80mm,Length 150-250mm
9 Thickness Film, paper, aluminum film Plastic film,paper width>20mm Aluminum film width100mm,Length 300mm
10 Pendulum impact strength Thin film, composite film, sheet material 100mm100mm or diameter 100mm
11 Dart impact tester Plastic film ,extrusion film 150mm150mm
12 Heat shrinkage tester Heat shrinkable film, PVC film ?40X140mm
13 Falling ball impact strength PVC film ?50X50mm
14 Bag fatigue Vest bags, garbage bags, handbags Height?000mm
15 Transmittance haze Film, sheet, plastic bottle Diameter?0mm
16 Twist angle Polyethylene film ?0mmX50mm
17 Sealing performance Plastic bags, bottles, cans ?50mm
18 Torque Plastic bottles, glass bottles, etc. Diameter?70mm
19 Vertical load pressure Plastic bottles and cans Diameter?70mm
20 Anti theft bottle cap sealing performance Plastic bottle cap 28mm?0mm?8mm
21 Steel ball impact Plastic anti-theft bottle cap Capacity?.5L
22 Vertical axis deviation Plastic anti-theft bottle cap Diameter?90mm
23 Internal pressure performance Carbonated beverage bottle Capacity ?.5L
24 Printing ink layer Fastness Plastic printed products ?5mm50mm
25 Ampoule breaking force Ampoule 1ml?ml?ml?0ml?0ml
26 Puncture force Combination cover, rubber plug, oral liquid cover, aluminum cover
27 Opening force Medicinal combined cover
28 Sliding performance Syringe, insulin
29 Internal stress Ampoule bottles, bottle, glass bottle
30 Wall (Bottom) thickness Ampoule bottles, bottle, glass bottle
31 Runout / vertical deviation Ampoule bottles, bottle, glass bottle
32 Bursting strength Aluminum foil, paper, paperboard Diameter ?00mm
33 Stiffness Paper cup,paper, paperboard
34 Folding strength Paper, paperboard
35 Smoothness Paper, paperboard Diameter ?00mm
36 Edge(Ring) pressure strength Paper, paperboard
37 Abrasion resistance Paper, paperboard
38 Tensile strength Paper
39 Whiteness Paper, textile, ceramics, plastics, paint, etc.
40 Primary adhesive Adhesive, pressure-sensitive adhesive, adhesive plaster 50X200mm
41 Lasting adhesive Adhesive, pressure-sensitive adhesive, adhesive plaster 40mm-125mm
42 Peeling strength Adhesive, pressure-sensitive adhesive, adhesive plaster 200mm x 25mm

5,Disclaimer and objection
?)The experiment report issued by the Sumspring laboratory provides a reference for the users, and does not have the validity of arbitration, which is not used to solve the legal disputes.
?)If the customer has objection to the results of the data, please give notice within 5 days of receipt of the test report.

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